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Rzeczpospolita 2017/04/04
It’s a good idea to set out bonus payment rules

If an employer starts granting bonuses without setting out any rules, he risks disputes with employees and gives rise to doubts as to whether to include such bonuses in the allowance calculation base.

Rzeczpospolita 2017/03/16
Employment terms not to be worse than the statutory minimum

Full-time employment means that employees must be given at least the minimum terms set out in the Labor Code. Some of these terms may be proportionally reduced in the case of part-time employment.

Rzeczpospolita 2017/03/10
A simple joint-stock company is in the pipeline

Whilst supporting the view that driving innovativeness is a step towards a more competitive economy, the Ministry of Economic Development is responding to proposals of innovative entrepreneurs and planning to create a start-up friendly ecosystem. A new type of a corporation called a simple joint-stock company (PSA) is to be added to the Polish legal system.

Rzeczpospolita 2017/03/02
Reimbursable costs of contractors’ travel

Contractors’ travel connected with performance of a contract is not a business travel within the meaning of the labor law but many labor law provisions may be applied by analogy.

Rzeczpospolita 2017/02/28
A second second chance

If an employee is not successful during the term of a trial-period contract, another contract for the same position may be signed with that employee three years after the end of the trial period. This does not apply when a new trial-period contract is to concern work of a different type.

Rzeczpospolita 2017/02/24
How can minority shareholders ensure they get dividends?

Start-up founders stand the greatest chance of shaping mutual relations and wording the articles of association at a time when they negotiate an start-up investment or cooperation with a venture fund or investor. They can then take their advantage to ensure the right to dividends when a project developed is commercialized.

Rzeczpospolita 2017/02/23
Medical check-up results may thwart employer plans

An employee may not be permitted to work unless he produces a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications for him to perform any of the duties he has performed so far. Otherwise, his boss must decide whether to dismiss or assign him a different range of duties.

Rzeczpospolita 2017/02/07
Parental leave longer when combined with work

If a parent works part time while receiving a maternity benefit, the benefit is proportionally lower but is paid out for a longer period. How to calculate it?

Rzeczpospolita 2017/01/12
Staff representatives must be at least heard

Some decisions of employers need only to be consulted with a body representing employees, but implementation of these decisions without such consultations may be invalid.

Rzeczpospolita 2016/12/23
Appeals against rulings of the National Appeals Chamber

Before entrepreneurs pay a court fee and begin to draft an appeal, they must make sure that the ruling of the National Appeals Chamber they plan to appeal against is appealable in this procedure.

Rzeczpospolita 2017/01/05
Acquisition of copyrights from contractors

To accept a work created by a contractor under a civil law contract is not enough to acquire copyrights to that work. It is particularly important in firms whose business is based on creativity, such as advertising agencies or IT companies.

Rzeczpospolita 2016/11/07
Women may lose maternity benefits

Women who gave birth to a child last year should be mindful of deadlines for submission of applications for another term of benefits

Rzeczpospolita 2016/11/10
The criminal record of a job applicant must remain secret

Not all personal data may be collected under Polish law in the course of recruitment. This limitation also applies to reviewing the criminal records of job applicants.

Rzeczpospolita 2016/11/15
Job vetting changes: Fraud convicts may work in any bank

The long-awaited legal changes to permit the financial sector to vet job candidates have been scrapped. According to the “Morawiecki Plan”, the bill proposing 100 changes to the legal business environment, entities subject to financial supervision were to be allowed to ask candidates about their criminal records.

Rzeczpospolita 2016/11/17
Employees as Creators

Under the law, employers acquire copyrights to works created by employees. However, such works are not always owned by the employer, and copyrights may in certain circumstances return to employees.

Rzeczpospolita 2016/11/25
What decisions are made by the National Appeals Chamber?

When an entrepreneur is convinced that a contracting entity has violated the law and is considering filing an appeal with the National Appeals Chamber, he or she must know what type of decision may be delivered.

Rzeczpospolita 2016/12/02
Some errors of the National Appeals Chamber can be rectified

Entrepreneurs losing a case before the National Appeals Chamber have one more option open to them: file an appeal with a court of law.